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Auto detailing Packages

 (We accept cash, major credit cards, and checks)

Full Detail ( our most popular package ! )

Cars: $139 - Trucks / Suv's: $169 - Xl Suv's / Minivans: $189

Exterior includes:

• Hand wash & dry
• bugs & tar removal
•  Quality hand wax  ( or polymer sealant)
• Rims cleaned & tires dressed
• Fender wells cleaned & shined
• Door jambs cleaned
• Outside windows cleaned

Interior includes:

•Vacuum entire vehicle including trunk
•Complete wipe down including vents & crevices
•Shampoo entire carpet and mats
• Shampoo / Condition seats
• Spot clean headliner
• Inside windows

Exterior Detail Only

 Cars: $79  - Trucks / Suv's:  $99 - Xl Suv's / XL Trucks: $109

 • Hand wash & dry
 • bugs & tar removal
 • Quality Hand Wax ( or Polymer Sealant)
 • Rims cleaned & Tires Dressed  
 • Fender wells cleaned & Dressed 
 • Outside windowns cleaned

Interior Detail Only

Cars: $89  - Trucks / Suv's:  $109 - XL Suv's/ Minivans: $129

•Vacuum entire vehicle including trunk
•Complete wipe down including vents & crevices
•Shampoo entire carpet and mats
• Shampoo / Condition seats
• Spot clean headliner
• Inside windows

Full Detail Elite

 Cars: $159 - Trucks / Suv's:  $189 - XL Suv's / Minivans: $209

• Includes all " Full Detail " services
+ engine bay degreased, cleaned, and shined

 Express Detail 
(not available for really dirty vehicles)

 Cars: $99 - Trucks / Suv's:  $119 - Xl / Minivans: $129

• Vacuum
• Quick wipe down
• Windows
• Outsdide wash
• Wheels cleaned & tires dressed, 
* Fenders cleaned / dressed
• Door jambs cleaned

  * Prices subject to change based on condition of vehicle
  * Sale taxes of 9.25% will be added to total price

Add-on Services

                         Add on services
Clay bar Treatment: 

Will remove most surface contamination. after this treatment your paint will be smooth as glass. This will help the car stay cleaner, longer. we recommend this treatment twice a year. ($39 cars, $49 trucks / Suv's)

 Headlight Restoration:

Will bring your faded, yellow looking headlight back to life. Not only your vehicle will look better, but you will also have better visibility at night! ( $50 a pair)

One Step Polish: 

Will remove most fine scratches & swirls, bring out the color of your paint and protect it for up to 6 months. This is accomplished by  polishing your entire vehicle with a high speed buffer and a " all in one wax & polish"  that polishes, cleans, and seals your paint. we recommend this treatment  once a year. ( starting at $75 )
High speed buffing, Polishing & Scratches removal:

Our technicians are professionally trained to remove scratches and swirls from your paint & leave it looking like new. As long as the scratches are not beyond the clear coat, we can fix it!  ( Price will vary on situation, contact us for a quote)
Engine Bay:

Degreased, cleaned, and shined. ($29)
Odor removal:

We use an ozone generator which kills the bactaria causing  the smell rather than covering it. It eliminates  odors from cigarettes, mildew, pet smell and much more.

( starting at $75)

NEW!  C.Quartz Ceramic Coating

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CQuartz  is a anti-static, weather-resistant nano coating that shines and protects your vehicle like nothing else! CQuartz works on the molecular level to transform the surface. Once treated with CQuartz, your vehicle will repel water and contaminants, and it will maintain a clear, reflective, hard-as-nails shine. One application can last two years!

If you're tired of frequent waxing, listen to this: CQuartz Ceramic Quartz Paint Protection creates an ultra durable surface that minimizes paint maintenance for up to two years. A CQuartz-treated vehicle stay cleaner longer, require less frequent polishing, and require no additional paint protection!

  • No more waxing
  • long lasting shine and protection
  • the slick surface allows your vehicle to stay clean longer
  • Easier to wash
  • scratch resistance increased by up to 50%
  • etc

Before application of c.quartz, the paint must be in perfect condition. Some level of paint correction will be needed prior of the c.quartz application allowing for perfect bond and shine. Call us or message us for quotes.
(starting at $150 depending on size of vehicle)

Paint correction

                                         Paint Correction
This process inculdes 5 steps that will leave your paint looking flawless!
We recommend paint corrections to true car enthusiasts and owners of show cars.

Step 1: we hand wash & dry the vehicle ,clean rims,dress tires, clean & shine wheel wells, and remove tar and bugs.

Step 2: full clay bar treatment to remove all paint contamination.

Step 3: wet sand deeper scratches and compound  entire vehicle with high speed buffer.

Step 4: Polish entire vehicle with orbital polisher

Step 5: apply high quality caranuba wax or polymer sealant to protect the paint

Paint correction usually takes a whole day.
( Starting at $300, contact us for a quote)


"I went through several car detailing crews in the past year to take care of my lot. I never was satisfied and decided to give these guys a try. My cars look better than ever and they are very friendly and professional. Prices are great too!"      - Supreme Motors

"I was fixing to sell my Toyota Sequoia and wanted to get it detailed first. I used their complete package. They met me at my house ,on time, on a saturday  morning. When they left  a few hours later, my SUV looked better than the day I bought it! Best $160 i ever spent! "      -H. Dowell

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